Metal Roofing Services

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Our skilled craftsmen can install virtually any type of metal roof or wall panel system.

Wall Panels

  • Flush panels
  • Corrugated
  • Rain screen composite
  • Route & return composite
  • Insulated core

Metal Roofs

  • Single lock mechanically fastened
  • Double lock mechanically fastened
  • Snap lock
  • Batten seam
Metal Roofing Photo

Professional Metal Roofing Services

Metal roofing is perfect for industrial commercial facilities, warehouses, government outbuildings, and so much more. Trust us for professional metal roofing services.

Revamp the Aesthetics and Durability of Your Commercial Property

Nothing beats our metal roofs when it comes to energy efficiency, fire resistance, aesthetics, and durability. We install metal roofs for commercial properties with lifespans of 40+ years. You can count on the superior quality of our metal roofing to withstand the elements. Even better, most of our materials are recyclable. We can install metal roofs that reflect solar radiation rather than absorbing it. This saves you money on cooling bills in the long haul.

Our metal roofs also come in many colors, including premium, standard, and custom shades. First impressions matter. This is why you need to revamp the look of your facility with quality metal roofing from Advanced Industrial Roofing, Inc.

Types of Commercial Metal Roof We Work On

Single Lock Mechanically Fastened

The technique used to fasten the panels together makes the roofing system more durable, weather-resistant, and leak-proof. Single lock systems refer to seams folded once at 90 degrees. This metal roof system is faster to install and suitable for mild climates.

Double Lock Mechanically Fastened

This type of seams locks folds twice (180 degrees). These systems are weather-resistant, secure, and durable. They are also compatible with very low sloped roofs.


Snap-lock metal roof profiles are a common type of standing seam panel profile on industrial buildings. They come with a male and female leg, which snap together into position. You, therefore, don’t need seaming tools to connect the panel legs.

Batten Seam

Batten seams utilize their underlying framework where metal panels get mounted between raised batten strips and caps used to cover the seams.

We also work on Wall Panels, including:

  • Corrugated panels
  • Flush panels
  • Insulated core
  • Route & return composite
  • Rain screen composite

Contact Us for Metal Roofing Services

At Advanced Industrial Roofing, we are a multi-faceted business offering premium roof services. We are experienced in metal roof installation with years of experience. We use the best techniques and materials to ensure that we meet and surpass your expectations.

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